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Where to Hide Surveillance NVR

A Network Video Recorder is a great tool for recording video. It provides many advantages over that of a traditional digital video recorder. That being said, an NVR system needs to be protected or your whole camera system can be compromised. Hiding your NVR system can work to protect it from any potential compromise.

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NVR vs DVR Pros and Cons

Security cameras come in a wide variety. The various different types of cameras can be used to cover just about any area. A security camera system is no good without something to record. This is where the NVR or DVR comes in for your system. Let’s take a look at the difference between the two.

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What Is Best CCTV Camera For A Condo?

Crime doesn’t stop at homeowners. Property owners of all types need to be conscious of security concerns. One of the best ways to protect your property is to install security cameras. Even condos can benefit from security cameras. Most of our customers ask what the best security camera for their type of property is. That is a hard question to give a generic answer to.

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What Is The Best Security Camera For An Apartment?

Security is a major concern anywhere you are but there are some areas that are of more concern than others. Apartments are one place where security cameras can be even more important. A lot of renters worry about the security of their homes. Renters also worry about their landlords accessing their units when they aren’t present. Security cameras (with or without NVR) can help to establish peace of mind when you live in an apartment.

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Where To Hide Your Security Camera DVR/NVR

Security cameras are one of the best devices to help secure your property and help to capture all activity that happens. You are able to both monitor and record with these devices and they have become increasingly popular. A lot of design and development has gone into the modern security camera, making them capable of seeing at night, remote viewing, and motion alerts. All of these features are great.

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