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Reolink Security Cameras

Reolink opened their door sin 2009 when they started developing security products. Their business was targeted at both consumers and business owners. The idea was that the cost versus quality would offer the public something that they would both want. People from all around the world turn to Reolink in order to get the security solutions that they need.

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Types of Security Cameras / CCTV

Security cameras are one of the best ways to start protecting your property. That includes in terms of security and safety. But when it comes to purchasing security cameras you need to make sure you get the right type of security camera. Today we are going to go over seven different types of security cameras that you might encounter.

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What is a Thermal Security Camera

Security camera systems have trouble seeing in the dark. Even with image enhancement and infrared light, you won’t be able to make out everything. But being able to make out what is going on in the darkness can me the difference between catching a criminal and letting one get away. So how do you see in the dark with your security camera?

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What is a Dome Security Camera

If you have ever looked around while at a big business, chances are that you have seen a dome security camera. These little devices resemble a black dome that is affixed to a small mounting area. It may take some time to spot one of these because they are pretty discreet but they work very well. But that doesn’t really tell you much about what these cameras are.

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What Is An IP Security Camera?

Traditional security cameras used purpose-built cables to transmit data from each camera to the recorder. What people realized is that these cables were easy to damage and came with so many different proprietary connections that something needed to be done. Not to mention, the fact that they had limited ability to transmit enhanced features and high definition imagery.

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