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What Is CCTV And How Does It Work?

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television and it is what many people think of when they think of cameras for their security and protection. These cameras are used for a variety of purposes, including safety, security, employee monitoring, and peace of mind. What the cameras are and how they work are questions that many people have. Today we are going to answer those questions and more.

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Facial Recognition Access Control

Access control is a necessary step in the modern world to protect both your property and your staff. You need to know who is getting onto your property and ensure those you don’t want, aren’t there. An access control system does this for you. These systems are designed to either grant or deny access to a property.

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What Is A Fisheye Camera?

If you are looking to get a security system, you might have heard the term fisheye camera. In many cases a fisheye camera doesn’t look any different from any other security camera. The term has been Googled by a number of people and some have found an answer while some have not.

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What is a PTZ Security Camera

A PTZ security camera is a type of security camera that has been around for a little while now. They have become an essential part of securing properties both commercial property and home property. PTZ stands for pan, tilt, zoom and that describes the general purpose of these cameras. Let’s get into more detail.

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Business Security Systems Melbourne

Melbourne is a wonderful area with many different things to see and due, unfortunately, it isn’t free of crime and safety problems. To help protect themselves, businesses are having security systems installed in Melbourne. These systems are able to alert them whenever there is an issue and they can monitor the systems to provide further security and safety protection.

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