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What is Turret Security Camera

Security cameras are a great way to protect your property but no one camera is right for every application. Choosing the right security camera can make the difference between your property being covered and having blind spots. In more extreme conditions, it can also mean the difference between a functional camera and one that will fail.

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What Are Channels When It Comes To Security Cameras?

Security cameras have a lot of features and learning what those features are can make a big difference in being able to plan out your security system. One of the terms that you will hear whenever looking at a security system is channel. This will typically be listed in the title of the product. For example, a 16 channel security system.

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Advantages of an 8MP CCTV Camera

When choosing your CCTV camera you have a lot of options to choose from. One of the choices that you can make is picking a CCTV camera that uses megapixels as a measurement of quality. But then what kind of quality should you be looking for?

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Swann Security Melbourne

Swann is a security camera company that offers a large amount of products and resources for the security industry. A big focus of the Swann Security company is to make products that are made to be consumer friendly. Almost all of Swann’s products can be installed by the consumer. It should be noted that a self-install may save money but it also is less secure and less professional in appearance.

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What Is Bullet Security Camera

No one security camera type is right for every situation. That is why there are various different types of security cameras. One type of security camera is known as the bullet camera. Bullet security cameras got their name from their shape, the shape of a bullet. Some also say that the cameras resemble that of a tube of lipstick.

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