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Dahua is one of the leading security technology company in Melbourne. The company went from being a small business to one of the largest in the industry. In fact, according to the 2015 IMS report, they are the second largest market share of video surveillance products and services. A&S International ranks Dahua at 3rd in Security 50.

A wide range of products in the video surveillance arena are available from Dahua. That includes a wide variety of cameras to choose from. PTZ cameras, network cameras, HDCVI cameras, and thermal cameras are just a few of the options. To go with these devices, you can get both network and HDCVI recorders from Dahua.

The company has even worked to create an easy to use and install IP camera set for entry level users. EZ-IP is just that.

You will find that the security cameras from Dahua have all of the features that you would expect:

  • Night Vision
  • Motion Tracking
  • HD Quality Cameras (With 4K Available On Certain Models)
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Remote Viewing
  • PTZ (On Certain Models)

One of the ways that Dahua has been able to move to the top of the industry is by operating four research institutes. Each of these institutes is dedicated towards advancing their security camera technology in another way. The four institutes are:

  • The Advanced Technology Institute
  • The Big Data Institute
  • The Chip Institute
  • The Video Cloud Institute

With so much money and time dedicated to research and development it is clear how Dahua has been able to surpass many of its competitors and earn such a big name in the industry.

Many companies that sell and install security cameras and related technologies use Dahua products. Having a reliable and ever advancing technology on hand is a big asset for any security platform.

While the prepackaged systems from Dahua are typically good for small and medium properties, there is no limit to the solutions that are available when you put together your own system. Dahua can do everything from a small, few camera NVR to a server rack to run security cameras. That makes Dahua products capable of covering any size home or business.

In order to get the most out Dahua security systems, they need to be installed by a certified installer. This goes for any security system. Even cameras labeled as plug and play or simple set up are best installed by a professional.

How Precision Security Australia Makes The Difference

For years Precision Security Australia has been providing high quality security camera services to the greater Melbourne area. That includes both the sales and installation. A well trained and highly experienced team works to ensure every customer is satisfied.

The Precision Security Australia experience starts with a call to one of our installation technicians. During that call you will schedule an appointment for an onsite security inspection. This inspection is free and carries with it no obligation.

We provide the onsite security inspection so that we can provide you with the most accurate quote possible while ensuring that you get the security camera system that you need.

With the equipment our installers bring to onsite inspections we are also able to offer an onsite demonstration of some of our most popular products. Including Dahua security products.

Precision Security Australia Chooses Dahua Security products

Through the years that we have been selling and installing security cameras at Precision Security Australia we have had the chance to try a lot of products. That includes Dahua systems. When we tested Dahua security products we immediately added them to our arsenal of tools.

These products enabled us to offer even more coverage and features to our clients. With them we are better able to achieve a 360 degree coverage of your property without having to worry about quality.

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A quick phone call to Precision Security Australia will get you set up with an appointment with one of our installers. From there you will get an idea of your needs and the costs. This is also a great time to ask any questions you may have about the process. Don’t forget to ask about Dahua products.

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