Worlds most reliable
personal mobile alarm


With The SaveMyLife Mobile Alarm works just like a mobile phone and can go anywhere with you. Help is just a press of a button away.

It is perfect for seniors who love their active lifestyle and independence. There’s no need for landlines or NBN in the home so you can avoid the hassles of traditional personal alarms.

It is a unique pendant alarm that works using the same  technology as a mobile phone, but without the complications.


Ideal for people who are likely to suffer falls whether at home or alone outdoors. Also includes a fall detection feature.

No monthly fees ever. One off cost only.

In an emergency it contacts family and friends, not a stranger in a call centre. So there are never any monitoring fees. Order yours here…


4G Connectivity

Accepts various 4G bands. It will also fall back to 3G/2G bands when there is no 4G coverage. Built-in Wifi and Bluetooth 5.

SMS Notification

Trigger SMS notifications in real-time with the location details of the device if a person is in danger presses the SOS button.

Voice prompts

Speaks the time and the status of your device. Example: Calling contact number 1. Now time 11:45.

Fall down detection

Be notified if a potential fall or collision has taken place. Fast SMS alerts allow you to react promptly.


Your Personal Mobile Alarm is waterproof which means it can be kept on you when you are in the shower.

Wireless Charging

A QI charger provides a quick charge to your personal mobile alarm and its really easy to use.

Charging Base

You simply drop your Personal Mobile Alarm onto the charging base and walk away.

Two-way voice calls

Use two-way voice calls to call family and friends at any time, they can even call you with the touch of a button.

Safe zone alerts

Setup multiple save zones and receive alerts as a device enters or exits a particular area.

No motion & motion detection

Built-in motion sensors detect movement or no movement. If movement is detected, an alarm is triggered to multiple people.

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No monthly monitoring fees ever.

No monthly monitoring fees ever. In emergencies your LiveLife Mobile Alarm contacts the people who love you & know you the most – family & friends, not a stranger in a call centre. No need for a landline, NBN, mobile phone, internet or wifi. Includes unlimited calls & texts for the 1st year on the full Telstra network. Ongoing costs are just $45 each year from Year 2 (pays for unlimited calls & texts).

Instructions included with alarm: