"Omar and the team are brilliant. The team are extremely professional, knowledgeable and support after installation is second to none. Highly recommend Precision Security!!"
- Jake Kula, Footscray

Do you know that it only takes criminals a minute to break into your business?

It's your business - your life's work and life's worth. Shouldn't you take the necessary steps to properly secure your way of making a living in this world?

Secure Your Business, Guarantee Customer Safety, and Increase Patronage Today!

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Not merely a precautionary question if your business will get robbed, but a question of when. Nowadays, criminals are true experts in their craft, they will target the businesses without the proper security and surveillance systems on site. Same way tigers seek out vulnerable deer, criminals target unprotected businesses as their next meal ticket.

No more need to fear or worry, install state of the art security and surveillance system and say goodbye to your worries. Give yourself and your employees valuable peace of mind so you can focus on your core business.

Let's face it, the challenges are hard enough to prosper in today's ultra competitive business marketplace, absolutely no need to risk a criminal break-in. Imagine the consequences not just in damage, theft or loss, but also time that you can never get back even if any business insurance coverage is in place.

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Your valuable time is best focused on how to take your business to the next level, not dealing with criminal activity filing police reports or chasing insurance specialists for claims. Criminal abuse of your business saps your spirits in the aftermath, it takes a heavy toll on your peace of mind. Do whatever it takes to prevent it happening to your business.

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Count on Precision Security to Meet All Your Business Security System Needs

Protect your business from both external and internal security threats. Everything from fire and employee theft to vandalism and burglary. Reliable business surveillance systems are a key loss prevention tool that against a long list of security and safety risks.

Leverage the power of a wide range of electronic security solutions to fully protect your business. Gain Intrusion Detection, Access Control, Fire Detection and Video Surveillance, along with comprehensive Monitoring/Integration Services. Regardless of the size and scope of your operation, we can deliver a fully integrated and customized state-of-the-art security solution specifically designed for your unique business safety and security requirements. Precision Security Australia is rated 5 stars on Google from 21 user reviews.

Here's what you accomplish

  • Reduce customer theft
  • Mobile alerts to your phone when a break-in occurs
  • See your business while away / on holidays
  • Improve staff productivity – if they know the boss is watching they’ll work harder
  • Staff and customer safety and well being
  • Audit reporting with HD video evidence
  • Check on your staff – clock on / off times
  • Ensure staff are using heavy equipment and machinery safely
  • See vehicle number plates and identify faces with HD cameras

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