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Melbourne CCTV Security Camera Installation

Get your home protected now by the most trusted security specialists. Melbourne’s only home security specialists, rated 5 stars service since 2015.

What do we do?

Home Security Systems & Upgrades

Get complete home security with high definition security cameras, intelligent alarm systems and a video doorbell intercom system. Hikvision's new tech lets you control all your security - cameras, alarms, and video doorbell - using just one app!

Business Security Systems & Upgrades

Protect your business with smart HD security cameras and state-of-the-art access control solutions and intelligent intrusion detection systems that keep your assets protected 24/7. All three systems work seamlessly through your mobile device.

New Alarm Systems & Upgrades

Has your old alarm system stopped calling you after upgrading to NBN internet? We'll upgrade it for you with an intelligent alarm system including full control from your mobile device. The latest alarm systems from Hikvision feature abilities to send you mobile alerts of intruders, and control your garage/gate from your mobile device too.

Security Advisory Service

Need security but don't know where to start? We provide an onsite assessment of your home security and provide you with a report of vulnerable areas and what you can do to secure your home from intruders. Give us a call to learn more.

We don't maintain other brands

There are hundreds of brands out there and the same number of companies installing different systems. We don't work with or maintain other systems. Rather we are happy to upgrade to an integrated user friendly system. Get in touch for more details.

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Melbourne’s Top Rated Security Company

Our Security Solutions

Get protected now by the most trusted security specialists

If you’re a business owner, your shop is your bread and butter. Without protecting it, your life’s work could be stolen or destroyed in an instant. Likewise, during the day, your staff deserve the peace of mind knowing that a security system is being monitored to help protect them from dangerous unwanted visitors.
If you’re just seeking a HD CCTV camera system, we can help you get one installed quickly and affordable.

Your family is what matters most in your life, and whether you want a CCTV security system to protect them while you sleep at night, or a camera installation to detect intruders while you’re away, we can find a solution for you. Our home security systems are top-of-the-line. Whether you’re seeking a simple HD camera system or a full-fledged setup on your premises, we can help you protect your family and everything you care about.

Reduce your false alarm notifications with human & vehicle detection CCTV security cameras. Get notified only when it matters most, significantly reducing the false alarm triggers. Weather your constructing your new dream home, or you need to secure your site perimeter our Smart solar powered solutions have you covered. With 4G coverage Australia-wide, strategically placed security cameras, you can be sure your site is fortified.

Ever wanted to answer the person at the door when you’re away from home? Want to know when that parcel arrives at the front door? Or do you simply want to enter your home with a pin number, fingerprint, or facial recognition. The future is here. With Full HD video intercoms from Hikvision, you get state-of-the-art technology to secure and protect your home. You get the piece-of-mind of seeing who’s at the front door without leaving your couch. 

Fever Screening Solutions

With the global onset of COVID-19, all businesses now require the ability to screen staff and customers upon entry. With our smart thermal security solutions, you can detect a persons temperature within seconds and raise alarms when their temperature is above the threshold.

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The Trusted Brand in Security

With a reliable layer of protection added to your premises, you’ll be able to sleep soundly knowing that the things you care about are safe. We offer reliable security systems and installation of complete CCTV systems in Melbourne. You can trust our service and our products. We are experts in the field and offer reliable, trustworthy products. We only offer the Hikvision line because we know Hikvision products are durable and reliable.

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