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Swann is a security camera company that offers a large amount of products and resources for the security industry. A big focus of the Swann Security company is to make products that are made to be consumer friendly. Almost all of Swann’s products can be installed by the consumer. It should be noted that a self-install may save money but it also is less secure and less professional in appearance.

Reviewers around the world have praised Swann products for a wide variety of reasons. It definitely doesn’t hear that they are one of the largest companies that provides DIY camera systems and not just that, quality camera systems.

Today we are going to take a look at a few of the things that make Swann Security so reputable.

Options, Options, Options

Swann has so many options when it comes to cameras and accessories that it puts most of their competition to shame. There are over a hundred on their website. Products range from basic analog cameras to advanced networked cameras and wireless cameras. You can also find bullet camerasPTZ cameras, dome cameras, and more.

Multichannel Systems To Offer Large Systems

A lot of DIY camera companies off 4 channel DVRs or NVRs to connect your cameras to. That means that you can only view 4 cameras. At the most, consumer companies typically offer 8 or 16 channels. With 24 channel options, Swann Security offers one of the largest DIY security camera systems for your home or business.

A 24 camera set allows you to set up a pretty thorough coverage network of most locations.For homes and even small businesses, 24 cameras can cover the whole property.


Like with many camera companies, Swann has enabled monitoring from remove sources. You can use your iOS or Android device to use the app. For those that would rather use a computer, you can also do that. A great benefit for those that want to be able to keep an eye on their property.

One comment that is consistently seen is the lack of professional monitoring for Swann cameras. The only monitoring you get is through your own system. However, that saves you money and you can still call the police from wherever you are. Because of this you aren’t tied down to any contracts.

High Definition Quality

The industry standard for security cameras is now to offer at least a minimal HD quality, such as 720 HD. Swann cameras all meet or exceed this. The higher end Swann cameras come with full 4K HD resolution. 4K resolution will allow you to make out every detail of the camera footage, down to specifics such as what someone is holding in their hand. On the downside, 4K footage is bigger than 720 footage and will require more storage space.

Expandable Storage

With a lot of cameras and features you are going to need plenty of storage space and that is what Swann offers. You can have up to a 4TB hard drive inside the camera system. That will be plenty of space for a days of footage on a smaller system. In addition to the internal hard drive you can also plug in an external hard drive to expand your storage. This will give you access to more storage than most people will need. It also makes exporting footage easy.

Night Vision

Swann cameras come with very high-tech night vision. With the IR lights on you can see up to 100 feet in the night. That 100 feet is well illuminated, and you can make out details you normally wouldn’t be able to.

Other Features

  • Your Swann cameras will come with a number of other features to help give you maximum benefit:
  • Thermal imaging
  • Audio recording
  • Pan Tilt Zoom capability
  • Weatherproof
  • Speakers for two way audio
  • USB Power
  • In-camera SD card for backup storage
  • Motion alerts
  • Wide angle lenses

All of these features go together to make Swann cameras some of the best around for your average consumer. You can get better cameras, but they are harder to setup and often cost far more. Swann comes backed by many positive reviews. They also have a support team should anything go wrong. But they are not the only cameras out there and we highly recommend doing your homework before making any purchases.

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