Home Access Control Security Systems

Access control systems are complex security systems that use a computer and electronic devices in order to control access to a property or a portion of a property. These systems have long been utilized at big companies and government agencies in order to increase security. They allow you to enroll people and remove access without having to worry about rekeying a lock. You can also have access levels to determine which parts of a facility a person has access to.

A number of reasons make these devices more popular than tradition locks. We have already mentioned the extra security and access levels. The flexibility of the systems also make them popular. To further speak up for these devices is that they can send alerts if someone attempts to force the door open.

Traditionally these systems have not been used at homes due to cost and the need for professional installation. However, both the cost of installation and the devices themselves have come down significantly. Mass production and the number of companies coming out with access control systems helps to reduce prices. Advancements in technology have also done the same thing. Now these devices are available to help secure homes and make entrance simplified.

At Precision Security Australia, we specialize in providing security solutions from security cameras to access control. We have a number of access control devices and systems that will work for securing any home in the Melbourne area. Take a look at our access control page here.

The system utilizes a database to determine whether someone has access to a door or not. In order to determine access, you must first have a device to verify the person. At Precision Security Australia we utilize three different types of access control devices.

Pin Code Devices

Pincode devices have a pad on them with the numbers 0-9. To gain access to the door you put in the pin code and, if correct, the door will unlock. The pin code device that we utilize at Precision Security Australia also features a keycard reader. You can either have the pin code work by itself or in combination with a keycard. When using a pin in combination with a card, you have an added layer of security.

Fingerprint Readers

Fingerprint readers are a popular option in the modern access control world. Especially for homes. A fingerprint reader utilizes a scanner to identify whether or not a fingerprint matches the list of people who have access to a home. Because even twins have unique fingerprints, fingerprint credentials can be extra secure. To further enhance the security of such devices, they use thermal detection in order to ensure that there is actually a human finger in the device.

Like with pin code devices, fingerprint readers can be used in combination with card readers in order to enhance security.

Card Readers

All of the devices we utilize at Precision Security Australia have the option to utilize keycards. A card reader requires that you tap a card against the reader and it determines based on the identity of the card whether or not someone has access. Keycards can come in a variety of sizes and often don’t even need to be taken out of your wallet. All you need to do to gain access is to tap your wallet or access card against the reader.

Because keycards can be lost, some people utilize card readers in combination with other access control methods such as fingerprints or pin codes. Cards can be issued to as many people as you need or want, including to staff or workers. For those you don’t want present when you are not home, you can set times for when they can and can’t access your property.

At Precision Security Australia, we don’t just offer the devices that you need to secure your home, we offer full-service installation. From the beginning, an installer will work with you to audit the property to determine your specific security needs. This helps to ensure you get the system you want. In addition, we help you to set up the system so it is working before we leave. Having a fully operational security system is important to you so it is crucial to us.

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