How to Tell if a Security Camera is Real

Fake security cameras were all the rage only a handful of years ago. People were installing these fake cameras in order to scare criminals away and make their properties appear protected. There are a wide variety of reasons that you might want to be able to determine if a security camera is real or not.

One of the things that these fake security cameras led to is a false sense of security. People saw what appeared to be real security cameras and believed they were in a safe location. This, unfortunately, has still been happening; however, property owners have been sued multiple times for creating a false sense of security.

With this and the other reasons to want to be able to detect if a security camera is real, the question is, how do you tell if a security camera is real? Let’s take a look.

Blinking Red Lights

A lot of fake security cameras have blinking red lights on them. This is meant to attract attention to the fake camera so people know they are there. A fake camera doesn’t do any good if people don’t know it is there after all. Manufacturers are also under the impression that people will believe the camera is real if there is a blinking red light.

In reality, almost no real security cameras have blinking red lights. Older cameras may have them but you would be hard pressed to find a modern security camera that does.

No IR Lights

At night, modern security cameras should have infrared lights. These lights make it possible to see at night. To the naked eye you will be able to see faint glowing red lights from the cameras. You will have to be close to see them.

Another option is to use your phone camera in order to be able to see the IR lights. Just like the security camera, your cellphone’s camera should be able to pick up the IR lights. If a camera does not have these IR lights at night, it is likely a fake since most modern security cameras have at least basic infrared night vision.

A Single Thin Cable

Most modern security cameras have only one cable, older cameras will have two. If you are able to see the cabling for the camera, you can use it to help you determine whether or not it is real. A single thin cable usually means that the camera is fake. This is because the cabling that security cameras use is thicker, like your standard home internet cable. Two cables coming out of the camera will also often mean that it is fake.

Using just cables to determine a fake camera is not typically the best route as there are always specialty cameras and weird brands. Use it in combination with other evidence to determine a fake camera.

Physical Quality

Almost all security camera companies use at least medium quality materials in order to create secure and long lasting cameras. If a camera appears to be made out of cheap plastic then it is likely fake. Further, all of the seems and attachment points should be near perfect. A lack of quality in the camera could be a strong indicator that you are looking at a fake security camera.

A good rule of thumb is that fake security cameras look fake. Companies don’t put as much work or money into creating bad cameras.

Look For A Brand Name

If you are able to see a brand name on a security camera you can use that to help determine whether it is fake or not. Fake security cameras will often have fake brands on them or the brand name for the company that made them. A simple Google Search will help you determine if the brand is real or not.

Some fake security cameras will have real brand names with a fake logo. Searching the brand and looking at their logo and their real security cameras will help you to determine if you are looking at a real camera or not.

Determining whether a security camera is real or fake used to be fairly easy. There are now a fair amount of good fake cameras. Use these different steps to help you determine whether or not a security camera is real.

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