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How to Fix Hikvision DDNS Error “Device does not exist"

This error happens when your NVR is not correctly configured to communicate with the HiDDNS service. Follow the instructions below to configure it correctly.

  1. Ensure the NVR is connected to the internet via a network cable

  2. Connect a mouse and a monitor directly to the NVR

  3. Login to the menu and navigate to the Configuration option

  4. Click on Network and then General tab

  5. In the Preferred DNS field enter and in the alternative DNS field enter and click apply

  6. You may need to restart the NVR for the above settings to apply successfully

  7. Click the DDNS tab

  8. Enable DDNS

    • Choose "HiDDNS"
    • Choose Type "www.hik-online.com" as "Server address"
    • Enter a name in the "Domain" field and click apply and save

  9. Your NVR should now be registered with HiDDNS service.

If you try to use a name/domain that is already in use the NVR will tell you, and you will need to use a different domain.

You don't need to use hik-online's web page for this to work.

Article by Precision Security Australia, a licensed security camera installer in Australia and an expert systems integrator of Hikvision products.

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