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How to Upgrade Your Hikvision NVR Firmware

Upgrading your Hikvision NVR firmware can be a daunting task with an uncertain outcome. This guide will show you an easy step-by-step way to get your firmware upgraded successfully.

Before we begin it is important to note that this guide is only for the English version Hikvision NVRs. It will not work for the chinese version Hikvision NVRs.

  1. Connect the NVR to the internet via a network cable.

  2. Connect a mouse and a monitor to the NVR.

  3. Log into the menu and select the maintenance option

  4. Note down the NVR Model No, and firmware version

  5. Navigate to the hikvision USA website and click on the Support > Downloads menu

  6. Click the Firmware option along the left side

  7. Find your exact NVR model number. It’s important to select the right one or you risk installing the wrong firmware for your NVR.

  8. Download the new NVR firmware from the website

  9. Copy the firmware file to a USB flash drive and insert it into the NVRs USB port

  10. In the main menu select the maintenance option again and along the left side select Upgrade

  11. From the upgrade menu select the location of the file on your USB flash drive and click the upgrade button

  12. Your NVR will now perform the firmware upgrade and if successful it will automatically restart and come back online.

  13. After the upgrade Navigate to the maintenance menu once again and note the new firmware version upgraded to.

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