Somerton Crime Statistics 2017 | Victoria

Somerton, located in Melbourne, Victoria is mainly a business and industrial suburb. There is a strong community spirit in Somerton, a working-class suburb that has grown over many years. Many residents of Somerton are hardworking, looking to constantly improve this suburb and ensuring peace for the entire community and allowing the society and economy to improve over time.

Crime Statistics 2017

Year ending June


Offence Division Offence Subdivision 2015 2016
A Crimes Against A Person A20 Assault and related offences 14 7
A50 Robbery 0 2
A70 Stalking, harassment and threatening 3 0
A80 Dangerous and negligent acts endangering people 3 5
Other crimes against the person 1 4
Total 21 18
B Property and Deception B10 Arson 3 6
B20 Property Damage 11 9
B30 Burglary/Break and enter 12 22
B40 Theft 106 107
B50 Deception 17 73
Total 149 217
C Drug Offences C10 Drug Dealing and trafficking 2 0
C20 Cultivate and manufacture drugs 1 0
C30 Drug use and possession 3 12
Total 6 12
D Public order & security D10 Weapons & explosive 4 3
D20 Disorderly and offensive conduct 6 1
D30 Public nuisance 1 0
Total 11 4
E Justice procedures E10 Justice procedures 0 8
E20 Breaches of orders 6 1
Total 6 9
F Other offences F20 Transport Regulation 0 1
F30 Other gov. regulatory offence 0 0
F90 Miscellaneous Offences 0 0
Total 0 1
Grand Total 193 261

This data is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License of Crime Statistics Agency Australia.

Like any suburb, there is always going to be crime and theft. The large majority of people living in this area are working hard to fight against crime. Every small thing adds up, such as improving security of properties, being responsible citizens and helping the community in a variety of ways. Being positive is always key, and the people of Somerton strive to improve their community every single day.

Somerton has a great culture with a variety of different things to do. Overtime, big changes can be made, and with constant improvement every day, Somerton willcontinue to attract people of Victoria and tourism.

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