What Is Building Access Control?

Security is an important consideration in the modern world. There are so many security threats out there that you have to constantly be vigilant. For most people and companies the two most common types of security devices they have heard of are: security cameras and security alarms.

There is another security device that can control your property effectively, that is access control. When it comes to securing an entire building, that is referred to as building access control.

So what exactly is building access control? Let’s explore the topic.

What Is Building Access Control?

We only touched briefly on what building access control is, here we will get into more detail. Building access control is the process of utilizing a variety of different devices to secure a building. These devices can be both electronic or manual, but in the modern age, more people are opting for electronic devices as they provide more benefits.

Utilizing building access control isn’t only for security. It is also for safety. Some buildings (or areas of buildings) have equipment that could injure someone if they were to be able to wander in. It also provides accountability by not allowing employees access after certain hours (if you so desire).

Building access control systems are often controlled from a server or computer that allows you to make changes to the system as needed. For companies that don’t have a thorough understanding of their system, a technician can come to help you make changes.

Most forms of building access control come with backup power so that power outages will not affect your system. Make sure to ask for this feature if your facility does not have backup power (generator) already.

What Kinds Of Building Access Control Exist?

Because electronic building access control is the most secure (and most popular) option out there, that is what we are going to focus on in this article. There are various different options out there for you to choose from. Each option will benefit people differently. You might also find that different access control options work better for various areas.

Here are the most common forms of building access control.

Keycards And Proximity Keycards

Traditional keycard access control is achieved by swiping a programmed card through a reader. This type of system is still in use but it isn’t commonly found anymore. The more common type of keycard is a proximity card. Instead of swiping, a proximity card is tapped against a reader to activate it.

One great benefit of keycard building access control is that it allows you to print employee information, including pictures, onto the keycard. That way they can be used as identification as well as access control.


A keyfob is also a common type of access control. You have probably seen a keyfob before, they are small plastic devices that are attached to keychains and can be tapped against a reader to grant you access.

Some proximity readers can accept both keycards and keyfobs.

Fingerprint Readers And Other Biometric Systems

Fingerprint readers were a system that wasn’t trusted up until recently. It was a new type of technology that needed to prove its value, it has more than done that. Now fingerprint access control is becoming ever more popular. A fingerprint reader will scan someone’s finger and then use the print to determine whether or not they have access to the door they are trying to use.

Other types of biometric access control readers exist but are less common. Here are some other systems that you can find:

  • Palm Readers
  • Iris Readers
  • Eye Readers

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