What Is Fingerprint Access Control?

Every day on the news you might see the crime and constant negative stories. Even if you haven’t seen them, you have heard of them and your security mindset has increased. You have wanted to raise the security of your home or business but don’t know how to. What is your best option?

For many people the best option is to install an access control system. These systems utilize readers to determine whether or not someone has access to a specific area. Only valid methods of identification are accepted by these systems. If you don’t have a valid method of identification, then you are denied access to the door.

There are many different types of access control out there. Here are just a few:

  1. Card Access Control Systems
  2. Biometric Access Control Systems
  3. Pincode Access Control Systems
  4. Keyfob Access Control Systems
  5. Fingerprint Access Control Systems

Today we are going to focus on giving you an idea of what a fingerprint access control system is and what the benefits are. This type of system is growing in popularity and as such, the need to cover it is great.

What Is Fingerprint Access Control?

Fingerprint access control is very much like it sounds. A reader will scan an individual’s fingerprint and determine if it is in the system. If it is in the system it will then grant access to the door. That access will be for a one time opening of the door. WIthout both of these conditions being met, you will not get access.

A fingerprint is unique to each person, that means that no one will be able to duplicate or steal someone’s ID for the access control system. Numerous countermeasures have been put in place to deter past exploits. For example, a human heat source needs to be with the fingerprint in order for it to be read. It doesn’t just read the graphical part of a fingerprint, but the heated ridges and valleys.

There are a variety of fingerprint systems that Precision Security Australia uses. Let’s take a look at the options.

  • Fingerprint Only
  • Fingerprint and Keycard
  • Fingerprint and Pincode

With the first system, the only thing that can open the door is a valid fingerprint. The other two systems have two options. They can be Can be used individually so either option will allow access, or they can you use to the dual authentication method. In dual authentication method, both methods of identification must be used. For example, the card and the fingerprint must be used.

Dual authentication methods are best used for high security areas.

The benefits of a fingerprint access control system are great. You’ll find the following benefits when you go for one of these systems:

  • Secure Access
  • Individual Identification That Can’t Be Coppied
  • Affordable Option
  • Can Be Used With Other Reader Systems
  • Trusted And Recommended By A Variety Of Major Companies

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